Welcome to the EverQuest 2 Questlist!

The purpose of this site is to give the questers of Everquest 2 a tool they can use to keep track of their questing progress. If you are looking for complete walkthroughs or spoilers, there are much better places to go for those.

Quests in Database: 8841
Collections in Database: 670
Total Quests in Database: 9511
Public Users in Database: 695

NO MORE UPDATES! by Mazahs on December 2nd 2013
I will no longer be adding new quests to the list. The site will stay up as is, but there will be no more updates. A big thank you to all who have submitted quests.

UI: Completing quests by Mazahs on May 17th 2013
There was a small bug in the latest version of the UI causing it to not always mark quests as completed. A new fixed version can now be downloaded.

UI: Working again by Mazahs on May 4th 2013
The UI has been update and should be working as it did before. New quest will be added to the list as they are submitted.

UI: Not working... by Mazahs on May 2nd 2013
I've been told the UI is no longer working after the last patch. I'll try to fix it if it's possible. No new quests will be added until it is fixed.

UI: Login Issues by Mazahs on July 21st 2012
If you are having issues logging into the UI, you might try using your mouse to changen between the username and password fields instead of using the tab key.
It seems the new browser component skips whichever key you press next after you jump to a new field with the tab key. Unfortunately this is also something the EQ2 developers will need to fix...

UI: Fixed now... by Mazahs on June 19th 2012
Due to a change in the ingame browser component the Questlist UI is using, the UI will not be working until it is updated.
The updated UI is available for download here.
Edit: If the UI causes your game to crash or otherwise act strange, it is most likely because the new browser still has some issues the EQ2 developers need to sort out..

GU #62 - Freeport Reborn by Mazahs on December 6th 2011
A new category 'The City of Freeport' with around 100 quests from the new combined Freeport zone has been added to the questlist.
As part of the update a lot of quests were removed/moved to other categories, those quests will be corrected on the list soon(ish).

GU # 61 - The War of Zek by Mazahs on August 25th 2011
2 new questlines have been added to Eastern Wastes with about 20-30 quests total.
A new Fae/Arasai only questline to unlock mountless flight has been added to Great Divide.
2 new scaling instances have been added to the Sinking Sands, only the Silent City one seems to have include a few quests.
And last but not least, the first part of the Beastlord intro event also starts inthis GU. Only 1 quests for each alignment so far though.

36 Tradeskill writs removed by Mazahs on May 31st 2011
It seems that in order to make new tradeskill writs for the 70-79 range, they had to remove all the existing level 70 and 74 writs. And by remove I mean really remove, even from the completed journal. So don't be surprised if you are missing a few quests when you log in.
Edit: All the new level 71, 73, 75 and 77 tradeskill writs have now been added.

GU #60 - The Children of War by Mazahs on May 31st 2011
Game Update #60 comes with 4 new heroic zones and a solo mission zone. Unfortunately most of the quests added for those zones are missions, which means they will autodelete every day.
In addition to the new zones, a new tradeskill questline in Eastern Wastes and 2 new heritage quests have also been added.
It also seems a very old bug has finally been fixed. The conflict between the quests 'Feeling of the Fauna' and 'The Plague?' from the good/evil camps in Feerrott is supposedly fixed. If that means the other quests in the same series are fixed as well is unknown. Update: The other quests are still bugged.